Friends of Refugees Providing Empowerment and Education

About F.R.E.E.

Friends of Refugees Providing Empowerment and Education (F.R.E.E.) is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of providing refugee families with the help and resources that they so desperately need.

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Please help F.R.E.E. keep our refugee kids in Christian education. The school they are attending is already providing transportation at no cost and their lunches have also been covered. We just need tuition.  We currently have 40 kids receiving Christian education. After working nonstop we have found scholarships for 21 of them. If we can get 1,000 people to donate $100, the other 19 children will be covered. Please help us. I know God has a plan for all of these kids. They have endured unthinkable things and being in a Christian environment means so much to them.  To help, click Give Now.

Please consider presenting an appeal for support for these refugees to your local church or organization. To assist you in preparing a program for presentation to your members we have prepared a PowerPoint presentation for you to use. If you would like a free copy of this PowerPoint presentation, kindly submit an email request to Kelli Czaykowsky ( along with your email and mailing address.

We need 1,000 people - which one will you be?

Thank you,
Kelli Czaykowsky
F.R.E.E's Co-founder

How We Do It

F.R.E.E. partners with individuals and organizations to provide clothing and educational assistance, alleviate hunger, and benefit coordination to the Refugee Community of Clarkston, Georgia.

Why We Do It

The children pictured and their families were persecuted by their government when they lived in Burma.  They had to endure horrible living conditions as they fled for their safety to refugee camps in Thailand.  Although these children are now living in the Atlanta area, they are still in need of many of the basic necessities and monetary help.

Although F.R.E.E. began by providing scholarships for these children's education, we soon realized the great need in their communities as well. We now clothe and feed hundreds of refugees each month. We  take donations of food and gently used clothing in order to fill this goal. We go to different apartments every weekend and pass out the items. If you are interested being a part of our mission, please read below.
Refugee Students at DACS

Click the Button Below to Make a Tax-Deductible Donation to F.R.E.E.

How You Can Help

  • Click on the donation button to donate monetarily via Paypal to our 501C (Tax-deductible).
  • Donate your time if you live in the Atlanta area to help these children and their families.
  • Donate gently used clothing or food.
  • If you wish to make a more specific donation or purchase items to help support our cause, please click HERE
  • Follow and share about us on Social Media.  We're on Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter and Google Plus!
  • Contact us with more information on how you can help our kids.

All contributions are tax-deductible and 100% of donations will be used to provide desperately needed food, clothing and educational expenses for these children and their families.

Please help these deserving children and their families.  They have endured more than most of us ever will.  We can't take back what happened to these children, but with your help, we can change their future!

Thank you!

 2100 Riverside Parkway, Suite 119, B186, Lawrenceville, GA 30043  | Call Co-Founder Kelli Czaykowsky at 404-510-5354

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